What Can Buy iT Wise do?

The Smart Tech industry is vast and at Buy iT Wise we are experts in this field and can help you build a home that encompasses some or all of the smart tech available. For most, it’s about security and convenience not just for us but for our loved ones.

You might be of a generation that loves some of the comforts that Smart Tech can bring for most people the barrier is where to start.

We can help even its just consultation or we can provide the best solution that fits your needs. Install and setup your solution then show you how it works this will ensure you get the very best from it and more importantly be there if something goes wrong.

We believe Smart Tech should fit seamlessly into your everyday life give you back time, piece of mind, and savings when it comes to lighting and heating efficiency.

We can simplify and break down the barriers that might be getting in the way because we believe you are getting the most out of it when you know and understand the product you’ve invested in.

Smart Lighting

Lighting is a great place to start and probably one of the most popular ways we use Smart Tech, for example, if you go away for a weekend or that holiday you have waited so long for you can automate your lights to come on at random times, this gives the illusion that someone is at home.

You can create moods for relaxing or dinner parties as the lights can change from white to any colour you can imagine.

If someone rings your smart doorbell you can have the porch light turn on automatically. When linked to a security camera you can turn on any light in the house when the camera picks up any movement in the garden.

There are so many possibilities with just lighting alone, but a big reason to do it is the savings you can make by making your home more efficient. The fun is setting mood lighting colour and the brightness you controlled from a mobile app.


This is another popular use of Smart Tech, imagine it’s a cold winter evening and you’ve just left work! The heating has been off all day, you could just turn on the heating from your smartphone before you leave, but better than that you can use your smartphones geofencing to turn it on as you get underway and closer to home.

Some smart thermostats learn your routine and work fully autonomously and do so brilliantly.

This can be a complicated one to get right because of the variations of heating systems out there but there is a smart solution for every household, be it radiator thermostats or central thermostatically controlled ones.

Smart Security

The Smart Tech in security products have come a long way helping all of us when it comes to securing our homes or businesses.

Some examples are video doorbells, you don’t need to answer the door to those door to door salespeople anymore, do it from your sofa or from any location anywhere in the world, in fact, you can virtually answer it and speak to the person at the door! They have no idea if you inside or not.

You can have wired or wireless solutions making it easy to install and setup. This system is loved by people who look after the venerable as you do not need to be there to protect the ones you love from those who would take advantage.

Other products in this category are Smart alarm systems these mostly run on batteries and last usually a year the smart side of them do motion detection and will alert you once the alarm has been activated you can even speak back into the home or business and trigger the alarm yourself then alert the police.

We also have the security cameras, this is a Smart Tech must have as the quality and installation have come on so far, some solutions don’t need any wires removing the headache of installation as they run on batteries and can be solar-powered to remove the worries of charging them.

This can be a family-friendly solution inside and outside the home, monitoring the children in the living room when they get home from school, or outside the home making sure when you go to bed at night you can sleep worry-free knowing you’re protected.

Again, this all links into the Smart Tech part of your home and can for example be integrated into your lights turning on any smart light in your home.

Smart Speakers & Smart Screens

These are probably one of the most rewarding products in the Smart Tech family from the basic Google Home or Amazon Echo, so, what do they do? They are connected speakers that will listen for your voice and when a trigger word is used ( “Alexa” for Amazon and “Hey Google” for Google speakers) they will find the answer for you and speak it back, for example, “Alexa” what’s the weather like today? The answer will come back to you with the forecast for the day.

They have moved on too much more advanced capability and can now bring all your smart things together. You could for instance ask your smart speaker to turn on the lights, turn up the heating or play your favorite radio station and if you have multiple speakers then you can tell it what room to play it in.

Some more advanced capabilities when used with compatible TVs and smart screens allow the usage of your security systems on to these smart screens, for example, you could ask your smart speaker to show you the back garden camera and it would bring the video feed up on the screen for you.

Lastly, there is something called routines, this is where you give your smart speaker one command but it will carry out multiple tasks for example “Hey Google its Movie night” Your smart speaker can turn on your TV, set it to Netflix, turn on the soundbar, change the lights to suit the mood, shut the curtains and get you set up in seconds without you touching a single button on the remote control.

One more brilliant thing they can do help you with reminders for example “Alexa set a reminder to put the bins out every Tuesday” or “hey Google add bread to my shopping list” with google it can recognise every voice in the house and can be customised individually, for example, I might ask Google what my day looks like and it will give me my appointment and tasks I have set to that day and my wife will get everything she has set for hers.

You very quickly get used to a smart speaker when they are set up to enhance your home life.
The smart speaker market has moved into premium brands such as Sonos, Bose and all popular brands have one or the other (Google or Alexa) built-in and some have both. So, lovers of music do not have to compromise on quality and the brands have done an amazing job of integrating this brilliant tech into their amazing speakers.